Lots of news for Marco in 2013: a new partner, the Swiss Marcello Marateotto and a new team, the German team LM Sport of Jurgen Gullert.
The first stage of the European Championship took place in the technical circuit of Portimao, characterized by many ups and downs and a nice variety of curves.
Free trials are going very well and Marco with his companion Marcello, found a good feeling with the car and the track. In qualifying, Marco gets the first row behind the Brazilian driver Victor Correa. Technical problems however for Marcello that he can not compete in qualifying and then is forced to start from the back of the grid made up of 25 cars.
In Race 1 Marco begins and keeps the second position in the wake of leader. Before the pit stop there is a problem to the bottom of the car that causes a severe reduction aerodynamic load.
When Marco leave the vehicle to his companion Marcello, unfortunately, there is little chance of maintaining the second position because of this problem, so marcello brings the car to the finish but only in 13th position.

Race 2 comes with a wet track: Marcello starts from back of the grid with dry tires with the hopes that the track was going to dry up quickly. Risky choice but successful, that allows him to compete in the first part of the race bringing the car to the pit stop and recovering many positions. Now it is time to Marco. He begins to run a series of fast laps, marking the best lap of the race and reaching the back the leaders. The leader of the race, with still wet tires, was in clear difficulty: he had about 25 seconds ahead, but with its dry track time was more than 5 seconds a lap slower than Marco.
In 5 or 6 rounds Marco could overtake him and win the first race of the year but a breakdown at the front suspension force him to stop.

An unlucky weekend because the performances was good but not the result under the checkered flag. In the difficult conditions of the wet track with dry tires Marco was clearly the fastest on the track, impressing your team and the other drivers.