The Radical Master Euroseries starts again after the summer break in the most beautiful circuit in Europe, or perhaps the most beautiful in the world. Located in Belgium, stretches for over 7 km in the Ardennes. A track incredible, legendary, full of charm and history: Spa Francorchamps.

Over 30 Radical participated in the test group since Thursday; immediately the Swiss-Italian crew won the top spot: Marco marks the best time of 2.17.5, over a second faster than all the other drivers. The goal becomes not only the third consecutive pole position, the new lap record. Marco already holds the lap record at Spa with the Radical SR3, recorded in 2010. Marcello is also very fast and he marks the third time.
During the tests, there has been a worrying tire wear and so the team decided to save tires for the race. In qualifying, the strategy was to make only 3 laps and stop, regardless of the time trial done.

Marcello takes to the track in Qualifying 1 and he marks the 5th time. Marcello takes to the track in qualifying and 1 he marks the fifth time. In Qualifying 2 Marco has the goal of the track record, but despite the new tires, unable to improve his time in the morning and stops in the front row but in the second position, detached two-tenths.

Both drivers have complained of having met a lot of traffic, with slower cars that have not allowed the correct trajectories. For the race, there is still a lot of confidence.

In Race 1, Marcello has a good start, he recovers positions until the 3rd with an excellent performance, but just before the pit stop a tire explodes right in front of the pit straight, forcing the Swiss driver to withdraw from the race.

Before Race 2 the rain again the protagonist. All pilots decide for a wet set-up, the same decision is made by the team LM Sport. At the start of Marco test right away to pass the pole man but fails and is forced to tag along 3rd position. It remains in the wake of the first few laps but sees that his pace is much faster and then decides to attack. Surpasses the Brazilian Correa with a nice braking at the Source, and the lap after performing the same maneuver on English Ross Kaiser takes it hard. Cencetti and Kaiser come in pairs at the entrance of Eau Rouge: Marco on the left accelerates and manages to slip out first. At this point he pushes the capabilities of the machine to the maximum, scoring the best lap over a second and a half faster than the other drivers. Incredible. Marco is exalted in the asphalt wet, loves to ride in the rain, has fun and has some amazing performance.

At the time of the pit stop Marco leaves the car to Marcello with several seconds of advantage, but a problem with the driver change, lose the valuable time and Marcello falls on track in 2nd position. Marcello tries to retrieve the first position but sees that it is too risky and therefore decides to bring home the result. Marcello complete the second stint of the race without mistakes, driving clean and precise to the last lap and passing in the 2nd position under the checkered flag.

A great podium in adverse conditions due to the rain, nell'autodromo classified as "the university of motor sport."
Great satisfaction for the couple Italo-Swiss and the German Team Sport LM who did a great job douring the all weekend.

Too bad for the almost touched victory, and even shame for not getting the new record best lap.