The only Italian leg of the Radical European Masters was raced at the Monza circuit. Even bad weather for this fifth stage of the championship.
During the tests conducted two weeks before the race, Marcel and Marco had found a great setup for their Radical SR8 which allowed him to turn old tires, without difficulty with times around 1.47 seconds. During Friday practice they have not been able to work on the setup because there were problems with engine temperatures and loss of coolant. However, there was optimism in the team, sure of the excellent work done in the previously test.

On Saturday morning, before qualifying the rain stops falling but the track is wet. In Qualifying 1 all the top drivers come with rain tires after a few laps and stop to change tires and put slicks. Marco also does the same but during the tire change, he lost in the pitstop long time and when he returns to the track does not have time to even one lap. The fact remains, however, the trial with the rain, which earned him the 5th position.

In Qualifying 2 Marcello is to get on track with slicks, but even he is with many traffic problems with the brakes that do not work perfectly. His trial only allows him to win the 7th position.

Although this is the worst season of Marco’s qualification, who had never qualified under the second place, there is great confidence for the race.
In Race 1 Marco starts from 5th position, and with a good start is already in 3rd position at Roggia’s chicane. A few turns and with a beautiful overtaking in the first chicane, won the 2nd position against the Swedish driver Kronegard. A few more laps and in the wake of the first that stops as soon as possible to make the pitstop. The team of Marco, decided to delay the pitstop: this allows Marco to push with a clear track and gain precious seconds. When it stopped in the pits, the pit stop with the driver change is perfect and Marcel falls on the track in the first place.
Marcel began his part of the race but once again the brakes do not allow him to have a good step and unfortunately lost the first position. Then Marcel manages the advantage and crossed the finish line in 2nd position.
In Race 2, Marcel starts from 7th position in wet conditions, the visibility is minimal and the Ascari chicane does not see the point of braking and come along on the escape and returned to the track but lost a few positions ahead of the peloton. Able to recover some positions but he has to stop to pit stop for driver change, where a problem with the seat belts lose the crew more than 20 seconds. Marco returned to the track in 20th position.
From that moment the race is predetermined, as Marco follows the leader of the race and decided not to risk overtaking because he could not fight for important positions. Recover and still ten places at the end are classified in 10th position, with the second fastest lap of the race.

A difficult weekend, a shame we only got a second place in the only Italian date but there is the satisfaction of having always been one of the fastest on the track.