Also the second stage of the European Championship was marked by bad weather and heavy rain. Only on Friday, weather has spared the drivers, but from Saturday morning, a perturbation has brought cold, rain and fog in the circuit of Le Castellet.
The qualifications took place in wet conditions and very low visibility. All the riders took to the track immediately from the first minute of qualifying to become familiar with the track and in the end, the pole position was won by Marco.
The qualifications of Marcello were however stopped in advance due to a lack of visibility due to heavy fog, unfortunately, the Swiss driver had not yet completed his laps.
In race 1, always with a wet track, Marco started well from the first position, but at the first corner, a pilot from behind tries to overtake the riders in the front row who do not see it.
The crash is inevitable and Marco is forced to retreat.

Race 2 is also in the rain; Marcello part from the back, gets the position with difficulty. At the pitstop, when Marcello gives the car to Marco, comes the safety car in front of the car number 29 and prevents him to tag along to the group making him lose almost a lap.

A difficult weekend but a great satisfaction for the pole position in the rain.